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Shellfish processing machinery

Skyport engineering are specialists in the maintenance and refurbishment of shellfish processing machinery for the aquaculture industry. We are also the proud Irish partner of the French aquaculture machinery company Mulot, who have been leaders in the shellfish industry since 1971. Examples of machinery we can offer and perform maintenance on are baggers, graders, debyssers and socking machines.

Below are some examples of machinery that Mulot have to offer. See their website for their full range and further information.

Brush grader for mussels
Vibrating grader

Brush graders for mussels

Vibrating graders

Shellfish bagging machine

Bagging machines, available with options of 2 belts, 2 speeds and automatic doors

Circular grader for oysters

Circular grader for oysters, available with 9, 12 ,16 and 22 cups

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