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COVID-19/coronavirus screens and guards

Skyport Engineering are here to help protect your staff and customers during this crisis. We are manufacturing guards for installation at checkouts and points of contact, protective screens for vehicles such as minibuses, ambulances and taxis, freestanding mobile protection screens for professionals such as podiatrists and beauty therapists plus many more. We can design and manufacture a solution whatever your needs may be, however big or small the job.


The checkout and point of contact guards are manufactured using aluminium profile and 5 mm PETG. These guards are strong and hard-wearing and we have installed them in a number of shops and facilities around Mayo, Galway and Donegal.

The ambulance screens are being installed between the front of the vehicle where the driver is and the rear. These are manufactured using 2 mm polycarbonate and are sealed from floor to roof, incorporating a talk box for communication between the driver and passengers. Other vehicles we've installed screens on are crew cab work vehicles such as Isuzu Dmax crew cabs, taxi cars such as Skoda Octavias and Toyota Avensis, and minibuses such as Ford Transits.

See below for photos of existing installations. Contact us today for more information or to get a quote.

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